How We Help

TORO helps homeowners avoid the common problems associated with marketing and selling a home and we assist homeowners who want to sell a property without the fees and challenges of listing it with a realtor.

Common problems faced by a homeowner:

  • Knowing what needs to be repaired on the house, and what it will cost.
  • Locating a reliable contractor to repair the home in a timely manner.
  • Managing the contractor and the project.
  • Paying realtor commissions.
  • Interviewing realtors to find the best one to market and sell the house.
  • Paying for insurance on an unoccupied property.
  • Paying closing costs.
  • Paying for upgrades so the property is comparable to others in the area.
  • Dealing with radon and mold testing done by prospective buyers.
  • Dealing with the buyer’s inspector.
  • Providing clear termite letters, surveys, and disclosures.
  • Opening the house for showings.
  • Negotiating a price with a potential buyer.
  • Possible price re-negotiations.
  • Waiting for the buyer to be approved for a mortgage.
  • Dealing with seasonal downturns in the selling cycle.
  • Waiting, sometimes for months (or even years), to sell the property.