How We Buy

When it comes to buying real estate, TORO makes it simple and straightforward:

  • All properties are purchased in AS-IS condition. Nothing needs to done to the property prior to selling it.
  • We pay 100% of the closing costs, including your transfer taxes.
  • We deal directly with you, so you pay no realtor commissions.
  • As cash buyers, there is no long wait for a loan approval or a loan contingency from a lender. Most properties we buy close within 10 days of signing a contract.
  • Our purchase contract is one page; the same one we have used to buy more than 250 properties. When you buy as-is, pay cash, and pay all of the seller’s closing costs, you don’t need a 10 page contract to cover what you can do with one page!
  • Do you have a house with items you no longer want? Old furniture, junk in the crawlspace, a camper in the backyard that hasn’t run in 10 years??? Don’t worry about it, just leave it and we will take care of it. All we need is the front door key!
  • Got mold, termites, or radon? Don’t have a survey? Not to worry… With TORO, our purchase is not dependent on any of these items being remedied.